Hijab Review

Monday, February 1 was World Hijab Day! A hijab is usually a scarf or type of cloth that covers a woman’s hair for modesty and/or for religious reasons.

About a week before February 1, one of my best friends asked if I would like to wear a hijab for a day. Without hesitation I said yes because I like to support my friends, even though deep down I was really nervous about what my peers might think.

The Saturday before World Hijab Day, my friend taught a few others and me how to put the hijab on. She also helped us pick just the right color to wear. Lastly, she taught us how to put them on ourselves. I know that she was laughing at all our pathetic tries! It took many tries before I got it to work!  I was surprised by how much I actually liked wearing it and wasn’t as nervous.

Come Monday morning I was so relieved that I didn’t have to do my hair (it takes a long time to do my hair in the morning!). I put my hair in a bun and to my surprise I actually put the hijab on right the first time.

As I was walking into the school, one of my friends saw me and his jaw dropped! I hadn’t told him I was planning on wearing a hijab and it shocked him. When I met up with my friends, I noticed that other girls were also wearing hijabs. I was glad other students were supporting World Hijab Day, and it made me feel better. The first few hours I got a lot of questions, but as the day went on, less people asked about the hijab. I thought it was really neat to see some of my teachers wearing them as well!

Because I liked wearing the hijab so much, I spent the rest of the day wearing it. After school one of  my friends (who was also wearing a hijab) and I went shopping and had a shake at Steak n’ Shake. We got a few weird looks, but we went about our business and had a blast hanging out together. I finally took it off right before dinner because I was getting  warm.

It was such a neat experience! I’m so glad that my friend asked me to wear a hijab for World Hijab Day. I probably would have never worn one if she hadn’t asked me.

A few friends and I wearing hijabs!

Overall, I liked wearing the hijab. It kept me warm all day which is unusual because our school is freezing most of the time. The best part was not having to do my hair that morning. I didn’t even have to accessories either because the hijab is like an accessory in itself.

Nevertheless, I had a great experience trying something new. I want to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while and walk in someone else’s shoes (or hijab). You may surprise yourself and end up liking it!


2 thoughts on “Hijab Review

  1. It makes me respect you so much that you wore that. It is an amazing thing to spread a more culture respecting attitude around these days! I’m so glad that I know that February 1st is national Hijab day and I plan on wearing one next year. You seemed to really enjoy it and I’m glad you did! Plus you and your friends really rocked those Hijab’s! I would of really liked to know some more background on how this originated, but overall I could really sense the excited and passionate tone in your writing. I really liked that!


  2. I’m so glad you had a positive experience wearing the hijab! I was thinking about you and all of our friends the whole day. I really appreciate your open minded approach to this topic and your immediate willingness to try something new. I too was worried that not many people would end up doing it, and you guys would be left to feel awkward the whole day on your own. But it turned out to be such a success! I was surprised by how many people I saw in the hallways throughout the day. You and every other person who wore a hijab that day were such an inspiration to me for being so accepting of another faith and culture and embracing diversity.


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