New Adventure on Stage 323

Since I’m a senior, I decided to try something new. All four years of high school I’ve performed in the musicals. Some of my best memories are singing and dancing on stage!

My friend and I wanted to try something new on Stage 323. One of our friends convinced us to try out for the contest play and group interpretation; but we decided that backstage experience was more our style. Our job for the contest play is setting up all the props for the actors and to help set up the back ground. The perk of being on the prop crew is the chance to travel with the cast when they perform at sectionals and state.

Contest play and group interp aren’t like your everyday plays. They are designed to have performances judged in a contest. Dunlap’s contest play, Elephant’s Graveyard, is similar to a regular play but it can’t go over 40 minutes. The group interp performed by Dunlap was The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, which also has a time limit of 30 minutes and the actor’s must face the front talking to the audience instead of the other characters.  The plays both go to sectionals and then on to state if they qualify.

Last year, both performances made it to state, which had never been done before in Dunlap’s history! This year both performances are going to state again!


Sectionals this year was at Belleville IL. on March 18-19 at Belleville West High School. We had to leave on Friday after A lunch to get to Belleville for the contest plays performance at 7:40 p.m. Before we went to the school, we checked into our hotel, played in a park, and had an early dinner.

We arrived at the school early to unload all the props and the background equipment. One of the requirements for both the contest play and the group interp, is that we have to set up the stage and take down the stage in a time limit. If we go over the time limit, we could lose a rank; which could mean the difference between second place and third place. We were also there early so the actors could get dressed and get makeup on. They had a great performance that night!

On Saturday, group interp performed at 10:45 a.m. Before we performed, the cast for the contest play and the crew had a chance to watch other contest plays and group interp plays. We all helped set up the room for the group interp to perform. Our group also had a great performance! Once we put all the equipment back in the truck we had lunch and continued to watch other plays till awards.

There were seven contest plays performing and six group interps. In order to advance to state, the contest play had to get first or second place; our contest play got second! For group interp to go to state, they had to get first, second, or third; they were second! We also had quite a few actors who made it into the all-state cast. From the contest play, we had Linsey France, Jake Schindler, Noah Webber, and Andie Majdic plus some of our light crew Logan Pfalzgraf, Zach Lang, and Lydia Curry. From group interp we had Adam Raso, Emma Windsor, Claire Challacombe, and Elizabeth Duckworth made all-state cast.


I’m so glad that I decided to participate in the plays even if my job was small. I made so many friends on the trip and made stronger bounds with the friends I already had.


2 thoughts on “New Adventure on Stage 323

  1. Wow I never even knew that there was more than one type of play! It’s awesome that you take pride in your part in the cast even if you aren’t the lead I think that’s so inspiring because you are helping and you do make a difference! I never even really went to any of the plays(which is bad I know) but I went to Mary Poppins this year and I can really tell why you guys are so successful! You’re really good! I enjoyed reading about the different types of plays and it was really informational and well written. It was so positive and it was great.


  2. This is a great blog post! I love hearing about other things that happen at DHS! It’s so great to hear about all of the plays, concerts, and musicals Dunlap hosts because they are just as important as sporting events! Although I would rather be backstage too, I think that all of the plays are spectacular! Everyone does such a great job of putting them together and they always turn out amazing! Wow! Good Luck at State! You’re post was very well written and used good word choice and clearly explained what the contest play was and the contest itself! Great Job!


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