Rough Start


On Saturday mornings I wake up early and put on my cute golf clothes, and I quickly grab something to eat as I run out the door. I pack my golf shoes and golf clubs and head to the golf course. The grass is still wet from the night before, and the sun peaks out to warm the brisk air. This is something I look forward to each weekend.

I started golfing when I was 7 and got my first golf clubs when I turned 8. A year later I stopped playing because I tried other sports and then grew out of my clubs. I started playing again the summer before eighth grade and got a new set of clubs.

Freshman year came and I knew I wanted to be on the girls golf team. I arrived at tryouts only to be met by 40 boys and the boy’s golf coach. Because there was only one other girl and I interested in playing golf, we had to tryout for the boys team. This meant that I had to tee off from the white tees! Which start a lot farther back than the girl’s red tees.

Chipping in sand!

I was terrified! I’m not only a freshman girl trying out for the boy’s team, but I’ve only been playing for a year, was surrounded by guys, and had to hit from the white tees! Needless to say, I did have a few tears as I played the Donovan course. Thankfully, the group I was placed with understood and didn’t make me feel too bad! I stuck it out the first day and came back for the second day. At the end of the 9 holes on the second day, the coach told me and 20 other boys there wasn’t room for us on the team. He did tell me that if there were enough girls, I would have made the team. He suggested I should keep practicing and come back the next year, and that is exactly what I did.

The following year, two freshman girls and I started out the season as a team. Unfortunately, neither could finish the season and I was the only girl, so I had most of my practices with the boy’s team. Finally, my junior year there were 8 girls to make a team and we had a blast! My mom became the coach and my grandpa became the assistant golf coach along with my freshman twin sisters; it truly was a family affair!

My senior year there were 10 girls total and we rocked it! It was our second year of having an official team and we began to won some matches. A few of our girls had the lowest score of the match and gained points toward the All Conference Team. Three of us made the 2nd All Conference Team and the same three girls made it to Sectionals.

Senior night with my girls!

My three years of golfing at Dunlap have been a blast, even though I had a rocky start. I will cherish the fun memories forever and hope to make more like them on my new golf adventure in college!

We ❤ golf!

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